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Axel and Xion

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   There was a skeptical furrow of a brow at her answer, a pause to think over her words as she let questions quickly release as fast as they formed.

      “Xemnas? He told you to sleep for that long?” Of course, she hadn’t a clue who this Xemnas was, his name far too foreign and unrecognizable for her to even make an educated guess on where he was from. With how she spoke about him, maybe he was a co-worker? Possibly a boss of sorts? At the mention of missions and the unfairness of the cons of youth, Xion caught her attention back to the subjects at hand.


      “Missions, huh. What kinda missions do you get that last days?” Honestly she looked a little young for such long-lasting errands such as those, maybe something Syn would get assigned every now and then, but not her.

               ”Mhm. He told me to go to sleep because I kept fainting during missions.”

       {/Or rather, she was becoming unstable and they needed her to stabilize before going back out on to the work force. Still, being held by Syn she just shrugged a bit. She had no real knowledge of her unstable state and gave no real thoughts about it either. Xemnas would have Vexen take care of any problems with her, and she always woke up feeling fine.}


      “My missions? Usually to kill Heartless. I gotta travel to new worlds, and there I scout out and take down Heartless. —Some are way bigger than others, and those are the ones that take me a few days to do.” {/Young or not, she was an adept fighter who was beginning to get better and better at what she did.}

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"I ain’t that lo-"

He couldn’t even finish that statement, it was such a boldfaced lie, even to him. He cleared his throat in a short do-over.

"I…I don’t really know. I can’t remember anything for shit. Not what’s happened in the last few…months maybe?"

It was a bit closer to years than anything, but he wasn’t even aware of that. His previous fate had been twisted and destroyed by forces beyond his control that he had subjected himself to. Had he died? In a way, but it was a death at the mercy of greater powers.

"Fun? Like what?"

"You don’t remember? I was hoping you did, because I don’t remember either….Xemnas said I was sleeping for months. Like…almost a year. I dunno."

{/he could have lied and gotten away with it, she didn’t remember either. Still, as he asked her what they could do for fun, she shrugs. She wanted to go to the beach, but that would be a tripped saved to go with Axel and Roxas. So what else could they do?}

"I dunno…Ragna, what do you do for fun? Could we go do that?"

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Ah, now that he got a good look at her, he couldn’t help but smile. This was a face he did remember, if only so much. It was enough to remind him that he didn’t want to hurt this girl, nor did he want to see her sad. For what it was, the feelings were nice. He just wished he knew the memories behind it.

He pulled the young girl into a tight hug, a hug that held a feeling of longing, but not in a sense that he was willing to explain to her, lest he harm her feelings.


"It’s good to see you…Xion."

"It’s good to see you too. Where have you been? I missed having the loudest guy alive around."

{/Yes! She finally got her hug from him. It was just as warm as she remembered. She loved hugs, they made her feel human, they made her feel safe. Hugs from a trusted friend were the best for her.

Squirming in the hug for a moment to look up at him and place a kiss under his chin, she hugs him back nice and tight.}

"Can we do something fun later?"

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The moment that the weapon was mentioned, the suspicions were confirmed. A few points would be given to Axel for making fast work – though he would be fairly sure it did not come easy for him to babysit. Axel usually did not like kids too much, but, something about this one reminded him of a girl he had long since forgotten fully. He did not know who the Roxas character was either, but if he too carried the weapon they had been waiting so long for, he did not have to wonder. Talking to Xemnas was now far out of the Diviner’s mind. Instead, his attention was solely going to go to the Flurry.


To see the weapon as she summoned it caused a momentary crack in his steel mask. Golden hues widened, the sheer surprise of her summoning it so freely made him fall at a loss. The last person to be so free with him was, well, Lea. Carefree spirits were not unheard of, but even Axel was beginning to lose something. He wondered how the person before him could act as she did, but as a bearer of the Keyblade, it made her different – someone that could save them from the true fate Xemnas had in store for them. Saix knew even now that Kingdom Hearts was not going to be designed to give them back their hearts, not so long as Xemnas controlled it. Saix and Axel already knew what they had to do to make the promise come to prosper.

“Amazing.” his tone was still rather bland, but the word slipped through. He knew that he had to keep up a certain appearance, and that Axel certainly was more suited to try and ‘befriend’ a being with the Keyblade to manipulate them. However, the opportunity was there for a decent impression. Saix was not about to have it slip. He was the one that was colder, and could put up the expected actions of a Nobody though right then, he felt it was better to act a little differently. “You will have to lead the way to ‘Twilight Town’. I do not know the route.” he could summon the portal, but the path down the corridor would had to be navigated.

{/To be fair, Axel wasn’t too keen on her in the beginning. He had no qualms with her, but no real interest in her until Roxas took that interest in her, and invited her to hang out with the duo. She was fond of him, Roxas, and a few other members like Demyx. They always managed to make her feel appreciated, and welcomed. Unlike Saïx usually did…which was why this encounter was forever going to be burned into the back of her mind. He wasn’t being rude, in fact he had no recollection of her or Roxas ever being here. Was this a gift to her, but a curse to him? Would he come to resent her for simply not being able to remember her? It was a horrid thought, but frustrations can lead to ill feelings, usually directed at the source.

And Xion was already a rather special being, one created from memories, a false Nobody at best. Yet, because of the memories she was created from she was able to purge her own identity out of them. A striking resemblance to the girl Sora holds dearest to his heart, the same way that Roxas is with her. As well as Axel never gave off any ill intended vibes towards she or her best friend. In fact, he was rather sweet on them. Making sure they were okay, and defending them when he needed to. Sure he kept them from doing what they wanted to, and what she felt needed to do, but he said it was to keep her safe. He was protecting them. And she appreciated it, no matter how mad it makes her at the moment.

Even so, Xion had no room to defy orders from Xemnas or even question them. Should she step out of line, it took nothing for him to have her put back down to sleep and her memories altered. Half the time, she truly believes that by taking out heartless, she’s doing them a favor, helping people get back what they lost. If she did good, Xemnas might let her live afterwards. That was a pleasant thought, hanging out with Roxas and Axel all the time once this is all over.}

"…—!" {/That was a true first. Saïx never called anything she did amazing. She managed to blurt out a quick and rather flustered ‘thank you’ before giving a small look of more confusion. He had never been to Twilight Town? That was where most of their missions took place. Just how much did he not remember?} "Okay—! I can take you there. And then we can get ice cream."

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"Don’t worry about it!
I deal with this kinda stuff a lot.”


"But….the water is so dirty. How are you supposed to clean it?"



        ❝Okay… Then we’ll go together!
           My name’s RINI, by the way. 
                       It’s nice to meet you!❞

"Rini! It’s a pleasure to meet you, Rini. I’m Xion. —So, the matter of the sweet shop. First thing is finding out what’s in this town. Like…where the locations of general stores are. Thats where we’re most likely going to find them."

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"I’ll bring you back"