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"Looki’ you….you’re an awfully tiny thing." {/From one puppet to another, Xion stares down at the little blond boy. The clash of outlandish clothing, they were both horribly out of place here in Sei-an City. But, she came here for a canine. Not a boy.}

"I’m sorry, but I gotta go. Can you..move? You’re blocking the door."


                ——oh, how he had missed those squeaky noises. adorable.
                       and all casually he rested his chin on top of her head and placed
                       the cookie box in her lap. too bad he didn’t knew what to say
                       since she had been away for long again and it was kind of awkward
                       just having Xion walk in all casually.



{/She sure enough didn’t know what to say. But she sure did know how to show that she missed him. Xion’s got her fill of the cookies. She can only eat but so much.}

"How have you been?"

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                     ❝ Mm, well … either way it’s still good to have you back.
                             It’s been too long since I’ve last spoken to you, Xixi. ❞

                  Then’ll she’ll just have to make as much of their time as possible, no matter how limited it may be ( It seems that all of her friends are fleeting, here one moment and then gone the next. At least they still pop-up from time to time and say hello ). All Senny can do is laugh at the sudden clinging, her own pallid arms wrapping around the other’s lithe form. 

                                          ❝ Can you now ? You have to explain to me though, what is
                                                     coding ? I’m pretty sure what I’m thinking isn’t the same. ❞

"Don’t worry, I’m awake now. So I can come back more often than not."

{/Sen made Xion very happy. She wanted her around. She was happy, she was awake. She didn’t yell at her for being gone for so long, when it was naught she could do to prevent or even fix it properly for that matter. At Sen’s request of an explanation, Xion stepped back for a moment. A leather clad hand tapping against her head.}

"The things..that make me, me. Like..the formulas that were used in my creation. Numbers, chemicals, sequences of a series of stringing together. He didn’t teach me much, but he taught me how to repair that one code. The speech one.”



           > This cheerful looking girl randomly comes up to you just as you were about to enter Junes to meet up with your friends. She seems to be carrying a plastic bag loaded with more Topsicles apart from the one she was already consuming, as strange as that was. You silently mused at how Junes was a place that never fails to put smiles on everyone’s face.

           "Yeah, definitely." You could not help but share her contagious enthusiasm with a nod and a smile of your own. I do come here almost everyday.” 

"Thats amazing! I go….I go to Twilight Town every day. With my friends, I wanna know if they wanna come here and buy more of these!"

{/With the bag in her hands, she should probably freeze them to keep them from melting. But she had about four more minutes and twenty three seconds and counting before she had to worry about them. It was a miracle someone as small in stature that she could even carry that many. Staniding at five feet even, and weighing less than one hundred pounds. However, she had to learn the name of the place before she could go.}

"Whats this wor— place? I need to write it down!"

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                     ❝ What have you been up to ?
                             For a while I thought you got lost out in the wilderness ..
                                    Or something like that anyways. It’s nice to see you again. ❞

                  It’s also nice to receive tons of hugs from the female which she also happily returns ( she’s still hoping for some answers though — you’re not allowed to disappear on her like that ). 

"I’m sorry, Sen. I was…sleep. I can’t remember if I was lost or not. All I remember was waking back up in the castle.”

{/Xion would love to stay if she could. But her time is short, as always. With black embracing white, she holds on to her dragon friend as tight as she could. It was nice to feel warm, to feel affection.}

"Its good to see you too. I studied a lot, —I can do my own coding now!"

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"Ahahaha! This stuff is great! They’ve even got Sea Salt!"

{/Please excuse her, she’s got about three bags full of these Topsicles. She’s so excited, as excited as a Nobody could be. She’s got to tell someone, and the man with the silver hair was perfect!}

"I’m gonna…I’m gonna come back to this place! You should come back too!"

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Good Morning! -the hugging anon chimes happily before hugging Nicole & Xion tightly together- I hope today is a stupendous day for you!

{/It looks like the anon has come far too early in the morning for her. Xion does nothing but go back to sleep on it.}



"I bet I missed you more." He wont let go. "Whats sorta of adventures have you been getting into lately?"

{/Its perfectly fine since she doesn’t plan on moving.} “All the super cool ones! I’ve been working, and earning munny…then using it on ice cream.”



Is that really what matters now? Aren’t you going to be happy that we saw each other again?

{/Leaning up in his hold, she gave him a tiny peck on the cheek.} “Of course I’m happy, Joshua. I was just curious!”

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"It’s a secret~!"

"…..But I wanna know now.”